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Advice For Girls

Anonymous Asked:
how soon do you reply :l

My answer:

Fast now. (: 
I completely forgot that I had this account. ):
I’m so freaking sorry about my late responses. Please don’t stop asking questions I’ll for sure keep up with this blog too. (:  

Anonymous Asked:
i think i like my bestfriend ( im a girl & so is she )

i don;t know how to tell her & if i should tell her if its just a little crush thing im gonna get over ? , but i have liked her since last year but its been a on & off thing . i dont know what to do , HELP !!

My answer:

I’m so sorry that I haven’t answered this. I completely forgot about this account. 

I think you should definitely tell her. There might be a chance that it would ruin your friendship, but then on the other hand you’ll learn if she is a true friend or not by telling her. You really won’t know if she’ll be okay with it until you tell her. If you want to tell her, then you should really try & do it face to face, & just start it out of just telling her that she means a lot to you as a friend, & that you think that you might have feeling for her in a way that’s other then friendship. For all you know she could feel the same way. But then she couldn’t. It just takes a risk. If your willing to take that risk, go ahead & go for it. (: 

Anonymous Asked:
i like this boy.. and i speak to him perfectly fine in person.. i flirt and all that.. but on fb im always the one starting the convos and he says like three things then goes offline.. im lost! help?

My answer:

There’s really nothing you can do about that. If he talks to you better face to face, then that is what you should stick too. Some people don’t do the whole Facebook thing. & the going off line thing don’t take it to personally maybe he thinks that the conversation is awkward because you guys really don’t talk like you would face to face. -Sorry it took so long to respond. ): 

autoregulation Asked:
soooooo i've liked this guy for like ever.
we dated
we broke up
and we both moved on
he hurt me a lot by making promises and not keeping them
he told me he loved me and now he tells this other girl the same thing
im oveerr it, but i need to STAY over it.

My answer:

Basically all you need to do is whenever you see your ex just keep thinking of all the horrible things that he had done to you. I know that would bring back painful memories & that sucks. But you just need to stay focussed on the fact that he broke your heart & is just a jerk & doesn’t deserve you. 

Have you ever liked your best friend?

If you have or still do.

I may have some answers for you.

So PLEASE leave a question or a message in the ask me box.

I would love to help you.  


I am Noel.. & I am going to try and be here for all of those girls (or guys) that need that advice that could really actually help them get through their day, a bad break up, getting a certain someone to like you, etc.

Of course I am not an expert.. But I have been through all of those rough patches. & I think that it would be nice to help others who are going through the same things.

Please don't judge my advice. You don't have to take my advice either. These are just what I think are the best solutions.



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