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Advice For Girls

I feel so FUCKING bad right now. 

I got on to my tumblr, & with the new layout I realized that I have another tumblr… 

This one. 

& I go to it & see that there are questions… 

I have no idea how long they have been there, so I feel really bad about this taking so long for those people to get a response back. 

You don’t even understand how bad I feel. )’: 

I hope those people will still ask me for the help, I promise from this point on to answer ALL of your questions, & I promise that I will check daily.(:

-Starting NOW.   

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I am Noel.. & I am going to try and be here for all of those girls (or guys) that need that advice that could really actually help them get through their day, a bad break up, getting a certain someone to like you, etc.

Of course I am not an expert.. But I have been through all of those rough patches. & I think that it would be nice to help others who are going through the same things.

Please don't judge my advice. You don't have to take my advice either. These are just what I think are the best solutions.