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Anonymous Asked:
I like my bestfriend's bf...
me & him are super close,
he comes to me for advise about her.
he knows that i like him & he flirts back when i flirt.
& i'm so confused about it!

My answer:

Basically if your confused about it, you just need to straight tell him:

"You can’t flirt with me. Your dating my bestfriend & I like you. You’re giving me mixed signals."

Simple as that. If you need anymore help just ask. (: 

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I am Noel.. & I am going to try and be here for all of those girls (or guys) that need that advice that could really actually help them get through their day, a bad break up, getting a certain someone to like you, etc.

Of course I am not an expert.. But I have been through all of those rough patches. & I think that it would be nice to help others who are going through the same things.

Please don't judge my advice. You don't have to take my advice either. These are just what I think are the best solutions.