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Advice For Girls

Anonymous Asked:
I recently just started cutting... again. & well it's getting more difficult by the second to hide it from my parents. If my parent's find out they will put me back in therapy, & that doesn't help it just raises my anger/stress, so it would make me want to cut again. I'm trying my best to limit myself from cutting all the time but lately everything has been going crazy around my house... & I just don't know what to do anymore... I'm bipolar as it is & my friends are freaking out & just not talking to me anymore because they found my razors in my backpack... I just feel so lost in the world. Why is this happening to me!?

My answer:

Cutting… that’s one of those subject that really get to me… because I do it. & I know that its wrong for me to do it… but I just can’t help it. But if the therapist doesn’t work & your parents do find out. Tell them that. But what I do to help ‘a little’ bit, is that I wear rubber bands all the time & whenever I have that urge to cut, I just pop it onto my wrist. But with the friends, if there freaking out/ignoring you then they really weren’t real friends because they would accept you for you, & what ever you do. 

I hope this helped. (: 


I am Noel.. & I am going to try and be here for all of those girls (or guys) that need that advice that could really actually help them get through their day, a bad break up, getting a certain someone to like you, etc.

Of course I am not an expert.. But I have been through all of those rough patches. & I think that it would be nice to help others who are going through the same things.

Please don't judge my advice. You don't have to take my advice either. These are just what I think are the best solutions.