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Advice For Girls

Anonymous Asked:
hiii. ok so today I got an invite over facebook to this guy I really really likes party and hes a year older than me. I want to go but all of the people will be older than me and the only people who would be in my grade going are people im not really friends with. I dont know what to do. I want to go but yet im super nervous. helpppp.

My answer:

Okay well obviously that would be a really awkward situation. But you should go up to this dude & ask him if you can bring a friend or something. & I mean if he says no the least you could do is put on a pretty face & just go out & impress that guy. (: 

Hope that helped. 


I am Noel.. & I am going to try and be here for all of those girls (or guys) that need that advice that could really actually help them get through their day, a bad break up, getting a certain someone to like you, etc.

Of course I am not an expert.. But I have been through all of those rough patches. & I think that it would be nice to help others who are going through the same things.

Please don't judge my advice. You don't have to take my advice either. These are just what I think are the best solutions.